Church of Saint Joseph Parish Festival

Shalo Lee

Headed up by talented and electric singer/ songwriter Shalo Lee on lead vocals, this high energy country rock band has engaged and captivated audiences throughout the region; playing in large festivals such as: Moondance Jam.

High Strung. High Time. A fusion of the rowdy outlaw songs you remember. And your new favorite songs that you'll never forget. Photo of Shalo Lee in field

The band also regularly plays for corporate events, top regional clubs, as well as sharing the stage with numerous national recording acts including:

Combining years of dynamic stage experience, rich harmonies, outstanding instrumentation, and youthful energy, Shalo Lee and the Rush River Band covers a vast range of songs from contemporary country artists to that of classic southern rock legends. Because of this, the band has established a loyal following through a commitment to quality, high-energy performances and undeniably rowdy fun!

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